Interactive tech furniture to increase productivity, creativity and well-being
the goal: research, design and deploy interactive technological furniture for office spaces that through the use of sensors and actuators can - in a subliminal way - increase productivity, creativity and well-being of its users.
the problem: the workspace, its architecture and the stimuli that it provides directly affects the productivity and the physical and mental well-being of a worker.

Co-working spaces are nowadays quite trendy and they certainly stimulate collaboration. However, quite often an employee simply needs the time, space and ambience to focus or relax in order to complete his tasks. Co-working spaces make this hard.

Despite the technological evolution and the paradigm changes of the workspace over the years, an office chair, has not evolved for more than 100 years in terms of its core functionality. There are attempts to incorporate technology but, in our opinion, without real value, because they only introduce technology to claim that they have introduced technology.
how: creating a piece of furniture with unique design and incorporating a set of motion sensors, pressure, light, heart rate, breathing rhythm; and actuators: LEDs, 3D sound, position change engines; with the disruptive goal of increasing the levels of well-being, productivity and creativity of its users, by detecting patterns, modeling and predicting user behavior so that the system can perceive the best ambiences for personal work and detect peaks of productivity.
Sense-Seat will automatically identify the user and will apply the users preferences.