Being an ongoing R&D project, features included on the first prototype of Sense-Seat are still being researched and evaluated. Nevertheless, below you may find our initial thoughts and findings on this with the current features list


  • interior LED lightning in several colours
  • directional audio with multiple sound ambiances
  • interior cooling system


  • textile pressure sensors
  • position / magnetic sensor


  • unique organic and modern design
  • 45º reclining chair
  • retractable table
  • fiber-glass construction
  • ability to customize materials and finishes
  • easy to move
  • small size (1.9 meters diagonal)
  • 365º rotative pivot
  • lateral noise cancellation panels


  • wi-fi enabled
  • user recognition and control via mobile app (embedded Android app)
  • skype lightning ambiance mode (best contrast for video call)


  • several light and sound ambiances to stimulate and help user focus or relax
  • recognizes user automatically and applies best ambiance
  • track your usage history and producitivty habits (times when you are more productive; times you need to relax, duration, etc.)
  • helps user take a break and relax
  • helps user focus and be private to finish his/her task
  • statistical data