our team reflects our multidisciplinary approach to the project by combining experts with different backgrounds, ranging from software engineering to psychology and industrial design.
our team is composed by people from Wow!Systems, NUUMStudio and M-ITI

Miguel Campos

Project Leader


Miguel leads Wow!Systems since 2008. With strong knowledge on business development, design and IT, he leads the Sense-Seat project coordinating all activities, partners and missions.

Paulo Freitas

Electronics Lead


Working at Wow!Systems since 2008, Paulo focus in experimenting and working with all sort of sensors and electronics from Arduino to Phidgets.
In Sense-Seat he leads the work regarding the electronics/sensors research and prototyping.

Carlos Ferreira

Software Lead


Carlos works at Wow!Systems since 2008 and is an expert on mobile development particularly Android systems.
He also has a profound knowledge in interactive installations and physical prototypes. He’s responsible for deployment the Sense-Seat Android app and all sorts of prototyping along the project

João Pestana

Research Lead


With several degrees under his belt, ranging from Software Engineering to Biology, João leads the research at Wow!Systems side.
In Sense-Seat he is responsible for research and user testing, paper publications but also for deploying the iOS app.

Valentim Freitas

Network and Cloud Lead


With a strong background in Software engineer and experience as backend and frontend developer, Valentim is responsible for all communications, database and web services that SENSE-SEAT makes use of, including security issues.

Prof. Pedro Campos

Lead Researcher


Professor Pedro holds a Ph.D. in software engineering focused on Human-Computer Interaction. Published author in this field of research, Professor Pedro leads the research team in SENSE-SEAT project.

Nils Ehrenberg

Research Assistant | Interaction Designer


Nils is a Swedish Interaction Designer with several years experience of working in European research projects primarily around Learning Analytics and Learning Environments. In the SENSE-SEAT project Nils works with design, workshop facilitation, and research.

Frederica Gonçalves

Research Assistant


With a Ph.D. in HCI and creativity, in SENSE-SEAT Frederica leads the research in the topics of productivity and well-being.

Prof. José Luís



Professor José Luís holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science with focus on Human-Computer Interaction and Ubiquitous Computing Environments. He is author of several publications in this field of research and member of the research team of the SENSE-SEAT project.

Wojciech Hydzik

Design Lead


Wojciech cofounded NUUMstudio in 2011. He has a background in architecture, interior design, product design and visualization. With a strong knowledge of integrating digital design technologies and product prototyping into the design process, he leads the Sense-Seat project Design team.

Claudia Barros Alves

Design Coordinator


Claudia cofounded NUUMstudio in 2011. She has a background in architecture and product design. In Sense Seat she coordinates the design team and manages the materials for prototyping, associated costs and schedules.

Eric Castro



Eric joined NUUMstudio in 2017 and is specialized in product design, specifically furniture design. In Sense Seat he works on the overall design, from early concept to product prototyping to product completion.